The Curriculum

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you – we spent more than two years developing and piloting curriculum that hundreds of folks helped get right. We used design thinking and super-fast prototyping to fail quickly and nail the programs. Now artists are quitting their day jobs, reporting higher revenues than ever in their careers and business people want this artist-created curriculum because it works.


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To meet the national demand for AIR, we designed a new program that will allow people to teach our curriculum for their local community and truly achieve our common vision of making art and creativity part of everyday life for everyone. AIR is committed to providing support that will increase the long-term success and sustainability of talented artists, their businesses, and organizations. This means increasing incomes, creating jobs, and stimulating community involvement.

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About AIR

We serve communities with creativity-focused community development/economic development workshops and programs. What makes our programs unique is cross-sector collaboration – we serve artists, business people, educators, and the community together. We teach design thinking, business planning, and entrepreneurial spirit using the latest business development strategies and tactics like fast prototyping and lean startup principles.

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Creativity is the engine behind every pursuit that has changed the world. What if more of us developed our creativity? And then we applied that creativity to everything we do. What new ventures would be started? What revolutionary ideas would emerge? The world would be different. And not just for artists and people in the art world, but for all of us. It sounds so simple. And yet, so much of our society is broken into silos, dividing those who are "creative" and those who aren't. AIR is an empowering ecosystem that provides artists, businesses and communities the tools, resources, and support to learn, connect, and succeed. AIR merges the creativity of the arts with the innovation of business to raise the value of arts and creativity in all our communities.

Sample Curriculum

Explore the kinds of content and exercises that make AIR curriculum special.

Upcoming Courses

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AIR:Shift™ Workshop – Colorado Springs Region

Learn about the business of art and the art of business – local artists, business people and community members explore creativity, innovation, cross sector collaboration,and business planning. Challenge your mental models and experience hands on experiential learning to transform your work and your community. Read more

When: January 22-24, 2016

Where: Pikes Peak Community College Downtown Campus

Workshop Host: Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR)